AX1.5 Series
--The World's First Mini-LED Rental
--Integrated matrix device(IMD), Solid 2.5 times sronger than conventional products(LED)


Deeper Black

--Deeper Black
--Absen common cathode technology increases brightness and contrast with better heat dissipation performance
--Traditional Common Anode
--Absen Common Cathode

4K Resolution

--Standard 16:9 panel. 4K HD can be displayed pixel to pixel without custom video source

Seamless with good alignment

--Simillar products are now the best in the dindustry

Supports HDR10 Standard

--SDR-Less information in the shadows and highlights
--HDR-More information in the shadows and highlights

Protection Features Design

--Finger Touch Area
--Protection corner
--Push Out Or Push Back



Pixel pitch 1.58mm
Tamanho de painel 610×343×80mm
Matéria de painel AL
Temperatura de operação ﹣20~﹢40
Nível de proteção IP40/IP21